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DisputeSuite is a young, energetic team made up of people from all walks of life. Some have mohawks while others wear suits to work everyday. But we're united by one thing: the passion to build GREAT software so our customers' are more profitable.

Company History

DisputeSuite was founded in 2006. At DisputeSuite, our vision is clear: to revolutionize the credit repair industry by creating an affordable, robust, enterprise-strength software application. Mediocrity was unacceptable and our application took a team of over 2 years to design and create. We are betting no other credit repair software provider can match that level of craftsmanship or dedication. DisputeSuite prides itself not only on award-winning technology, but also on the talent of its people.

Our Team

Robert Ellerman - Chief Executive Officer

Rob is a true visionary who is always operating multiple steps ahead of most. His combination of “big picture” understanding and varied hands-on experience, has allowed him to take the helm of growing software company and catapult it to the next level. He’s read more books than a librarian, which helps ensure that the business is always using the most cutting edge strategies. He’s started businesses from scratch and taken them to multi-million dollar revenue and he’s helped numerous companies develop processes and winning strategies. His employees would describe him as wise and mysterious. He wants to know one thing: “Do you MIRKU?”

Jennifer Cullen - Chief Administrative Officer

Jenn brings a level of optimism and positivity to the company that can’t be matched. She has a degree in Mass Communication and English Education and while those skills definitely come in handy at times, it’s been her full immersion into all aspects of the business and her ability to quickly absorb new ideas, concepts, processes that allowed her to be quickly promoted to her current role as Chief Administrative Officer. You might ask what does a CAO do? It’s easier to list the things that she doesn’t do! Best described by co-workers as a “plate spinner,” she is keeping the many parts of this complex business moving in the right direction!

Jim Rivette - Chief Operating Officer

Jim has been in the Sales/Marketing industry for over 10 years and started when he created his own sales contracting company at the age of 22. Jim got into the credit repair industry a few years ago with a start-up company who was an affiliate of one of the largest credit repair companies in the U.S.  Jim played a major role in building THE system that was able to generate over 1,250 sales in one week, 5,000 sales in one month and 50,000 in less than a year! Jim works on both the publisher and advertiser side and is responsible for building new campaigns and making sure existing campaigns are running successfully.

Kandee Bowles - Director of Operations

Kandee has over 12 years of customer service related experience and has loved every minute of it! She has a passion for helping solve customer’s problems and does so in a very professional and friendly way! She’s the type of person that if she doesn’t have the answer you need, she won’t stop until she finds it for you. She's earned an Associate of Arts degree from a State College and has accumulated an abundance of service hours from working in her community. Kandee works each day to improve processes in development, directing and overseeing departments such as Outsourcing and Retention while providing customer service at a five star level. Coworkers would describe Kandee as dedicated, hard-working, and versatile. When she’s not busy helping customers, she enjoys spending time with her son and daughter!

Nic Sementa - Director of Business Development

As a serial entrepreneur, Nic Sementa has co-founded a series of companies including nationally distributed college magazine Boosh, a community based artist incubator RGB Lounge, and crowd-funding consulting company, MinionWerks. With a strong background in advertising and sales, Nic has helped many companies turn small marketing budgets into breakthrough results.

While exploring the application of Agile serving as Director of Business Development for Formula Ink, Nic began studying how the same project management techniques that make Agile so effective for software development can be applied to the creation of online marketing systems.

Savannah Meksto -Training & Content Marketing Manager

Savannah is a diverse professional with a zest for communication. She has over 15 years combined experience in training,  management, marketing, and recruiting. She’s earned Associate's degrees in both Education and the Arts and thrives on using those passions in everyday life as well as on the job. 
She’s spent many years on the front-line, working in the human service field as a case manager, credit counselor, and even co-founded a non-profit art-based program in Flint, MI.
Always community focused, Savannah has brought that drive and passion to the Credit Repair Industry to help DisputeSuite, Credit Boot Camp, and business owners earn back the trust of the people who need help the most. Her commitment to honesty, compliance, and best practices, is echoed in each webinar, email, or article.
When not training new clients for DisputeSuite or hyping Credit Boot Camp, she is spending time as an artist, blog & writer, or with her three favorite people - her kids. 

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Latrisha Matson - Account Manager

Latrisha has years of sales experience in and around the Credit Repair Industry and her success comes mostly from her ability to truly care about other people’s situations and a desire to help them find solutions to their problems - this is something that cannot be taught. She enjoys being creative and helping to create content which helps to educate those interested in the credit repair industry. Her co-workers would best describe her as “caring, fun, and hard-working.”


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