Improvement Based on Deletions

When you help consumers repair their credit you will usually measure success based on how many inaccurate or unverifiable accounts you help them delete from their credit report. Even though you might measure success based on deletions, most consumers will look strictly at their credit scores to determine your success. This means if t ..

How to read a credit report

Credit reports are not always easy to read. The truth is, the credit bureaus want it that way. The less the average consumer understands, the more likely they will not spot or complain about any errors. ..

How to Insure Your Business is in Full Compliance - or Risk being Shut Down

Running a compliant credit improvement company is essential for your long-term success. You and your team must insure you meet and exceed all state and Federal requirements for credit companies. ..

How to Have the Credit Bureaus Pay You!

Many of the credit bureaus have affiliate programs where they will pay you a commission on your credit monitoring referrals. Most are tiered-based which means the more clients you send them the more money you make. Equifax, TransUnion, and MyFico all offer affiliate programs. Visit their web site and locate the link (usually on the ..

How to Handle Charge-offs

A charge-off is an accounting term used for when a creditor writes off or charges-off a debt that they are unable to collect on. Creditors typically charge-off a debt if there is no payment on the account for more than 180 days. A charge-off is an accounting procedure for tax purposes, used by the creditor, where an uncollected debt o ..

How to Get Leads

For a credit repair company to simply phase out over time due to scarcity of customers is a rarity as long as the company has three criteria covered. Educated sales and client support staff Credit Repair Business Software ( Effective Results SEO, blo ..

How to Get a Merchant Account to Accept Credit Cards in the Credit Industry

Many of your clients would prefer to pay you with credit or debit cards. Many credit company owners quickly discover that it is near impossible for them to find a merchant account provider who will approve them for a new account. The reason is that almost all merchant providers treat the credit industry as a “high-risk&rdqu ..

How to Draft a Dispute Letter

Preparing dispute letters can be challenging and fun. The DisputeSuite Software provides you with lots of template letters; however, our primary goal is to teach you how to draft your own letters. With a little practice it will be easy. Your end objective is to have an entire library of your own credit repair letters. You will be prep ..

How This Important Study of Credit Report Inaccuracies Affects You

During this webinar you will hear two leading credit industry authorities Mike Citron and John Ulzheimer talk about hot topics in the credit industry. Learn more about a study relating to errors on credit reports and how it affects you and your business. See how this study can help you promote your business, learn all that you need to know abou ..

How to Get Business Financing with Bad Credit

During this webinar you will learn all you need to know about how to get approved for business financing with bad credit. You will discover details on 6 financing programs that you can qualify for even if you have challenged credit, learn what types of rates and terms these programs have and how to get rates of 3% or less regardless of  ..

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