What Do Consumers REALLY Know About Their Credit

In May of 2007, Washington Mutual, along with a government agency, conducted a study on consumer awareness of the credit scoring system. They wanted to find out, "What do consumers know about the credit score." "What do they know about how to affect their credit?" The results of the study are astonishing: 65% understood th ..

VERY Interesting Stats

A study of credit scores for mortgage applicants by the Consumer Federation of America and the National Credit Reporting Association found that one in ten files (155 out of 1,545) contained at least one, and as many as three, additional repository consumer reports. The same study also found that it was very common for the additional r ..

Vantage Score

The VantageScore is calculated using the same methodology as the FICO score, but adds a few additional metrics in the mix. It assigns a letter grade to your score as well. While FICO scores range from 300 to 850, VantageScores range from 510 to 990. For each 100-point spread on the VantageScore, a letter grade is assigned. For example ..

Utilization and Credit Scoring

During this webinar you will hear about how utilization impacts the credit scores, what can be done to improve the utilization aspect of the score, how you can help customers improve utilization, hear commonly asked questions from credit owners relating to utlization, and much more. Your special hosts for this webinar is leading credit i ..

Upload Securely

One of the best benefits of the DisputeSuite Customer Portal is that your clients have a place to securely upload documents right through their portal. Sending documents through email isn’t secure, and sending through the mail has a cost and is cumbersome. But through the portal within a few clicks, clients can name and upload  ..

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