Why Credit Scores Are Different

Yes, there are MANY different credit scores out there. There are credit scores consumers can pull themselves through credit monitoring, mortgage scores, auto scores, and many more. There are actually over 16 different credit "scorecards" that exist today. Each of these scorecards will reflect different credit scores. These scorecards ..

Why are loan originators the best course of referrals?

Why are loan originators the best course of referrals? It’s because they are able to increase their loans and convert their turn downs by sending them to you to handle their credit repair. It is their responsibility to make sure they are sending their clients to a trusted source, and from a business point of view, depending  ..

Who is the #1 source of referrals for credit repair companies?

The number one source for referral partners are Loan Originators. Loan Originators are professionals that have clients that needs to meet a certain credit criteria, so they can sell their product or provide their service. Mortgage brokers, loan officers, realtors, car dealerships … anywhere a consumer goes and applies ..

What’s NOT Counted in a Credit Score

Federal laws including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Consumer Credit Protection Act prohibit certain things from being factored into credit scores. Such things include: Race, color, religion, national origin, sex and marital status. US law prohibits credit scoring from considering these facts, as well as any receipt of public assis ..

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