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Kris Brkljac - VP Of Sales
From living on the streets and being homeless as a 21 year old in New York City Kris Brkljac knows the meaning of rags to riches.. Coming from Sydney Australia with a Communication Media Law background Kris was always seeking adventure and a challenge. Being the architect of change Kris took himself from the streets to selling his own company in the span of 5 years. “ It’s all about who is directing your movie and my movie was about being successful without any excuses”.  This included being an independent consultant for fortune 500 Companies as head executive strategist

Kris changed his direction in a new and unknown field, credit.  ” It was new and unchartered waters for me.  I was talking to people everyday who were struggling to develop an effective an relevant strategy.  It was a perfect fit and I was excited to help”.  Chris joined forces with Robert Ellerman and Jim Rivette and they become the Nikola Tesla’s of the credit repair field (the forefront thinkers and innovators of the industry). Kris’s hobbies include Martial Arts,Cultural Anthropology, Health Wellness,Culinary Magic, Hiking, International affairs and enjoying/appreciating life everyday.  “ Enjoy your movie” KB. 
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