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How Home-based Credit Repair Business Can Use Credit Repair Software

Home based credit repair business owners have a tendency to follow the cheapest path. An understandable strategy, since most home-based credit repair businesses are started on a shoe-string budget. You’re probably already considering which corners to cut for your credit repair business. You can cut corners. It shouldn’t cost you tens of thousands to start your credit repair business. The key to success is operating the business and producing materials in a way that it doesn’t look like you operate out of your home.

With all the software available today that come pre-installed on computers, almost anyone can start a credit repair business. That doesn’t mean they will appear successful. You may be tempted to go with what you already have. But let’s examine the pre-installed software that you can use to run your credit repair business.

You will need a way to draft dispute letters to send to the credit bureaus on your customers’ behalf. Microsoft Word will work fine for this task. This first issue you will need to combat is finding professional templates to use for the dispute letters that you need. Certainly you can type in “credit repair business” or “credit dispute templates” into a Google search to find templates. You will just need to make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws. Also, you will need to re-type the text into your word document. You will also want to use your mail merge wizard to automatically enter the customer address information into the letter. You will most likely have to manually type each dispute into the file before printing the letter.

What about the database for storing information on your credit repair business? You can always use your Microsoft Excel as a database to store customer information. You can merge the information from certain fields of your Excel file into your word document before printing. It’s still a manual process, but at least it will feel less like busy work. No credit repair business is any good without a customer lead list. You can also use the Excel file to keep notes on your customer transactions and history. However, keep note that Excel won’t display the information in a way that you can readily read the notes without performing several additional steps.

And then there was the credit repair business software. Credit repair business software isn’t going to come pre-installed on your computer. In fact, if you want the most efficient credit repair software, you should use a web-based program. All the time it will take you to create drafts of dispute letters and manage customer files will take away from generating and following up on new leads for your credit repair business. Time is money. And the more time you have to generate new leads, the more money you will make.

Consider spending a little on credit repair software instead of using the pre-packaged software programs. Good credit repair software will come with thousand of customizable, dispute letter templates already loaded so that you don’t have to waste hours surfing the internet to find the appropriate letters. The best credit repair software transforms the mountainous task of generating dispute letters into a coupe of seconds of “point and click” work. You just shaved off several hours from your work day. Sales Leads Management, Customer Management and Software Management are an afterthought with great credit report software tools. It’s as easy as clicking the customer’s name, clicking on the account on the credit report and hitting the “submit” button. In no time, you’re back to following up on leads and generating new business.


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