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Review of Professional Credit Repair Software

The purpose of advances in technology is to make our lives easier.  That’s why every week cell phones are being manufactured to perform some new amazing feat.  It’s the same reason Microsoft exploded on the scene.  Its software made it easier to use personal computers.  It’s also the same reason you are in the market for professional credit repair software.  You want to get things done as quickly and as easily as possible.

DisputeSuite credit repair software offers credit repair professionals a plethora of options and features to reduce the workload of running a credit repair business.  Customer management tools allow you to track and view all your credit repair customers and their case histories in one central location.  It also offers a centralized system to manage reports from all three major credit reporting agencies.  This professional credit repair software turns creating dispute letters into a simple “point and click” job.

There is a built in calendar in this professional credit repair software that shows important dates about your customers’ disputes.  It reminds you when results are due back, when you should follow-up, and when you sent those letters out.  You can also create templates for dispute letters so that all you have to do is “point and click” and drop in the customer’s dispute information.  The greatest thing about this professional credit repair software is the tons of credit dispute letters that you would have access to.  Imagine running a credit repair business that is virtually paperless because everything is stored in the professional credit repair software.

Let your customers do some of the work for you.  Dispute Suite allows your credit repair business customers access to their own accounts.  Create customer loyalty by giving your customers 24 hour a day self-service abilities.  The auto email notifications keep your customers and affiliates up to date.  The affiliate management tool makes it easy to track commissions for leads generated by affiliates.  No professional credit repair software would be complete without a management tool to track prospects and notes on contacted leads.  Drives sales performance by allowing sales reps to manage, track and share leads amongst their team.

The biggest fear of using web-based software is security.  DisputeSuite professional credit repair software employs firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, hacker monitoring, and SSL encryption far more efficient than most other companies.  There is no installation, maintain servers, or purchasing networking equipment required.  This professional credit repair software is web-based and only requires a web browser.  And it’s all easily customizable.


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