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Steps to Start a Credit Repair Business

Once you start your credit repair business customers will expect you to have all the answers. They are counting on your expertise and knowledge to find the information that will help get their credit repair disputes resolved. The creditor will seem like the enemy. They want to collect as much money from the consumer as possible. Even if the information on the report belongs to someone else. Creditors are in the business to make a profit. Your customer is their prey. Your job is to take up the credit repair dispute with the credit bureaus and fight to get the false information removed from the customer’s report.

The battle starts with a professional credit repair letter. On their own, the customer may not be able to negotiate with the creditor to get the information removed. With a business name behind you and armed with dispute letter software you will likely have more success in getting bad information removed from the customer’s credit report. Charge offs, accounts that are paid in full but still show a balance, and accounts not belonging to that person will all be targets of your credit repair dispute.

It doesn’t take rocket science to take advantage of a credit repair business opportunity. It takes a business name and credit repair business software that helps promote a professional image of that business. There is no need for special classes or training. The one thing you will need is organization skills. Although you may purchase a credit business repair kit that will help you stay organized, it’s good that you bring your own organization skills to the table. You won’t to work smarter and not harder. The more customers you please, the more they will refer their friends and family to you.

You may also want to brush up on your negotiating skills. There may come times where you have submitted a credit repair dispute to the credit bureaus and the creditor fights the dispute. For whatever reason, the customer still owes a minimal balance or the account manager has a personal grudge against the customer, part of your job will be negotiating terms with the creditor to get the information updated.

There will be plenty of business to help your credit repair business opportunity grow. Most people don’t check their credit on a regular basis. And some only find out that it’s possible to have errors on their credit reports when they are confronted during a loan application.

The get a credit repair business opportunity off the ground. Get information on some software to run a credit repair business, brush up on credit repair secrets by subscribing to a few industry newsletters, read a book or two on negotiating skills and find some family and friends to test out your business model.


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