Top 9 Reasons To Attend 2019 Credit Cruise!

2019 Credit Cruise: Focus On Your Business & Focus On You... Plus Visit Key West & Cozumel! Top 9 Reasons To Set Sail With Credit Boot Camp April 1-6 You've only got one chance at life - and your business. It's important to invest in both and live to the fullest while growing your business and brand to its greatest pot ..

Equifax Loses Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Public Record Reporting

Credit-rating giant Equifax will revise the letters it sends to consumers who dispute the accuracy of their credit reports, under a class-action settlement approved by a federal judge. The company must also provide the class, estimated to exceed 42,000 consumers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, with complimentary credit-monit ..

Breaking News!!! Bill Introduced To Fix US Credit Reporting

Congresswoman Maxine Waters introduces a bill to make credit reporting systems more fair, accurate and easier to understand. The bill touches on the dispute process, abusive practices and more. See the US House Committee's Press Release below ... Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Ranking Member of the House Financial Services ..

Client Retention Strategies

In this article, credit repair expert Mike Citron offers his advice on keeping clients and expanding your clientele. He provides a first-person, industry-expert perspective on some unique retention programs. DisputeSuite believes that successful credit repair tools and successful business tactics should be shared and distributed (h ..

DisputeSuite's Weekly Webinar

DisputeSuite's Weekly Webinar (3/16/2016) Be sure to check out this week's DisputeSuite ( Weekly Webinar, for a special viewing of the Nationally Recognized Credit Expert, John Ulzheimer (, as he tackles the most challenging credit compliance question ..

Why Outsourcing Is A Good Thing For Your Business

Owning your own business is often a laborious and life-consuming endeavor. Every industry requires the same thing: absolute dedication and market evolution. Even with the best staff and most efficient work practices, managing your time and tasks can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Many successful com ..

Weekly Webinar: Shhh...April 2016 Credit Boot Camp Speakers Revealed!

DisputeSuite's Weekly Webinar (3/2/2016) Be sure to check out this week's DisputeSuite ( Weekly Webinar, to get VIP access to this LIVE Special Edition, where you will be introduced to the Industry Experts that will be joining us on the big stage in April. From Credit Repa ..

4 Reasons to have a Business Plan: Plus FREE Template Download

“Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower With a Credit Repair Business ( or any business, for that matter, it’s imperative to have a concise, specific business plan writt ..

Don't Get Sued! 5 Tips To Protect Your Credit Repair Business

Litigious issues are a business owner’s worst nightmare. As a credit repair business owner, you want to ensure that every aspect of your company is legally implemented and legally structured. A lawsuit can break your company. Luckily, DisputeSuite offers the right information and the right products to fulfill all legal a ..

6 Insanely Awesome Reasons to be Your Own Boss

How many people do you know who hate their jobs? Many people dread going to work, and feel chained to their 9-5 schedule. Fortunately, there are some industries (like credit repair) that allow people be their own boss. Although the decision may seem daunting, here are 6 reasons why being your own boss may be the best financial decision  ..

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