Top 9 Reasons To Attend 2019 Credit Cruise!

2019 Credit Cruise: Focus On Your Business & Focus On You... Plus Visit Key West & Cozumel! Top 9 Reasons To Set Sail With Credit Boot Camp April 1-6 You've only got one chance at life - and your business. It's important to invest in both and live to the fullest while growing your business and brand to its greatest pot ..

Why Attend The Credit Boot Camp? Learn From Industry Experts

If you’re interested in becoming an expert in the business, you need to engage with the prominent industry experts. This is a guaranteed opportunity at DisputeSuite’s 2016 Credit Boot Camp. Get a sneak peak of one of our speakers here (http://www.dis ..

Weekly Webinar: Launch & Scale Your Business The Right Way!

DisputeSuite's Weekly Webinar (2/17/2016) Be sure to check out this week's DisputeSuite Weekly Webinar, to learn how to launch & scale your business the right way! Jorge Bueno, founder of "The Business Codex System ( ..

Business Credit with No Personal Guarantee

Most business owners use their personal credit and a personal guarantee for most of their business debts. This causes a big problem as the business owner then becomes liable for the business debts. And if the business has financial problems, the creditors then start pursuing the business owner’s personal assets like t ..

A few of Equifax’s Business Credit Scores

Equifax’s ( business credit scoring model is the Credit Risk Score. This score was created to predict the probability of a business customer becoming seriously delinquent on supplier accounts, or bankrupt, within a 12-month period. Credit scores range from 1-10 ..

Private Equity Financing

Private equity financing is money that is invested in a privately held business in exchange for partial ownership of the business. The invested funds might come from private individuals or institutional investors. Regardless of where it comes from, there are many individuals and businesses that are ready and willing to invest in a m ..

Business Credit Myths

In some ways, a business has many of the same attributes as an individual person. Businesses earn income, file tax returns, debtors are paid, credit is used for the business, and many businesses have credit histories. Still some business owners ( ..

Account Receivables Financing

Receivables financing or “invoice factoring” is a great way to get money for your business. Accounts receivable financing is not a loan; it's an advance against your client invoices. You are selling your outstanding invoices to a factoring company who then gives you back up to 95% of the invoice value in the form o ..

Credit Card Charges and Billing Errors

What happens when you dispute a charge on your credit card or discover a billing error? Here are the basics: First, your complaint or dispute must be sent to the address that the creditor provides for billing inquiries. Your creditor must reach the creditor within 60 days of the date of the bill containing the error or fraudu ..

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