Equipment Financing

You can easily secure the equipment you need for your business. One of the best and smartest ways to obtain the equipment you need is by using Equipment Financing ( You can deduct the interest you pay on the lease and you won’t need a large down payment to be approved. This is ..

Merchant Cash Advances

You can get money for your business quickly by borrowing against your future credit card ( sales. This type of financing is known as Merchant Cash Advances. These loans use your past and current credit card history to determine how much financing you c ..

Why is Business Credit Such a Secret?

You have most definitely heard of Equifax (, Experian, Trans Union, and the ( ( score before as they are household names. But most business owners have not heard of a DUN ..

Building a Credible Business to Secure Business Credit and Financing

The very first step in building business credit is to insure your company is setup credibly, from the lender’s perspective. I hear all the time from people who tried to build their business credit ( failed. And the reason most do fail whe ..

Dun & Bradstreet Business Credit Reports

Dun & Bradstreet ( credit reports have a lot of information reporting on them including multiple credit scores. Your report might show multiple credit scores including your main Paydex credit score, along with D&B’s Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating score ..

3 Big Differences between Personal Credit Scores and Business Credit Scores

There are many differences between personal and business credit scores ( One fundamental difference between consumer and business scores is the time frame the scores gauge someone’s risk of default over. A business credit score is a mathematical model that is used to depict ..

A few of Equifax’s Business Credit Scores

Equifax’s ( business credit scoring model is the Credit Risk Score. This score was created to predict the probability of a business customer becoming seriously delinquent on supplier accounts, or bankrupt, within a 12-month period. Credit scores range from 1-10 ..

Private Equity Financing

Private equity financing is money that is invested in a privately held business in exchange for partial ownership of the business. The invested funds might come from private individuals or institutional investors. Regardless of where it comes from, there are many individuals and businesses that are ready and willing to invest in a m ..

Securities Based Loans

Securities Based Loans ( an excellent source of funds for someone who holds publically traded stocks. Securities-based lending is generally involves a revolving line of credit that uses your eligible investment portfolio as collateral. This funding option pe ..

Retirement Plan Financing

You and your partners can borrower against your 401ks to obtain funds for your business. To start a setting up 401k financing you will first have your company adopt a retirement plan. Specifically, the retirement plan should be a profit-sharing plan that allows 100 percent of the plan assets attributable to rollovers to be inv ..

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