Statute of Limitations (SoL)

Almost all the creditors, reporting on a credit report, have a statute of limitations for how long they can attempt to collect on a debt. The statute of limitations is the legal time frame that the debt can be pursued through the court system. There are some accounts that have no statute of limitations. Below is a list of most of th ..

Sometimes Reports Don’t Come Back

Sometimes your clients will not receive back their results or updated reports from the credit bureaus, even when dispute letters request these results be sent back. This is why it’s important you also have your clients enroll in credit monitoring. so you can pull updated reports to track changes, as well as, review the results y ..

Some Dispute Letter Language

The possibilities for dispute letters are endless. But here are a few specific examples of language you can use on dispute letters that will illustrate how to perform ethical credit repair: “Please provide me with proof that this account was opened on xxxx, this is being reported on my credit report. This information is not con ..

Sniper Marketing

Whether you're doing online marketing or offline marketing, you want to find who your target audience is. There's no point in doing a mailing to an entire neighborhood. The odds are the entire neighborhood doesn't have bad credit. Not every house inside of it would. Not enough of a percentage would need credit repair assistance, for ..

Send it Back, Please

It’s important that you tell your clients in the beginning and throughout the dispute process how important it is that you receive back the dispute results they receive from the credit bureaus. This will help you quickly send out their next round of disputes - producing faster results for them. And it will help you prepare bett ..


There are some crucial steps that any consumer must take to maximize the results they receive while having their credit improved. It’s essential to tell your clients about these steps to insure they are accountable for their results, and to insure they take necessary steps to complete the credit repair process with the best resu ..

Rights under the FDCPA

Here is a brief review of our rights under the FDCPA: It details a person’s right to request more information about the alleged debt. The procedure is called debt validation and it’s a powerful intervention that we will be explaining in greater detail. Until then, understand that debt validation allows every consumer the right ..

Reading Credit Reports

You probably have a good grasp on how to read and interpret a credit report. But do your customers know how? Many consumers have no idea how to read a credit report, or what most items on a credit report even mean. This is why it’s a great idea to record video of you or a team member going through a review of how to read a cred ..

Re-negotiate Your Current Interest

Many credit card issuers charge interest rates as high as 30% interest (APR) or higher. And most people do not realize that you can negotiate with your credit card company for a lower rate, especially if you've had any of your credit cards for a long time. To do this all a consumer needs to do is to call their credit card issuer and i ..

Proof of Address and the Bureaus

When running your credit repair business the credit bureaus require proof of client’s addresses to process most disputes. In some cases they will process disputes without the address. But even in those cases, they will still send a letter to your clients informing them that they won’t process their disputes without proof  ..

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