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Powerful Lead and Customer Management

DisputeSuite.com is a multi-user software that gives your entire company a 360-degree view of each of your customers. This allows you to maintain knowledge of every customer and lead, enabling collaboration across your company.

Credit Repair Software CRM
Credit Repair Software CRM

Add Unlimited Customers & Leads

You can add an unlimited number of customers and leads at no extra costs. DisputeSuite also provides your entire company (onsite and offsite employees) a complete view of all your contacts. Because it is web-based, users can access the application from any web-browser, anywhere in the world. You can now offer telecommuting and work from home options to employees and staff.

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Complete view of your customers and leads

credit dispute software

The view page allows owners, processors, customer service and sales reps to have a bird’s eye view of a records progress without having to toggle through multiple customer records. The layout empowers users with instant information, including: Record grouping (group by sales rep, status, etc.), advanced sorting and filtering, and reporting.

credit business
credit business

All your customers’ information is in one place

No longer have to worry about locating the customer’s information, credit reports, dispute letters, what’s been disputed, dispute letter results, notes, attachments, or any other information. You can now track and view the customer’s credit repair history in one place.

DisputeSuite comes with a credit report system to store your customer credit reports. Every letter you create for each customer will be stored under their record so you never have to search for the dispute letters.

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Calendar & Appointment System

A rich calendar with drag-and-drop functionality allows users to quickly create, locate and manage their own schedule as well as their team members' so that everyone stays in sync. Works just like Outlook and has alerts, reminders, and more. .

EASY Outlook Calendar Integration
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Tasks System

The task system allows you to manage tasks and activities within DisputeSuite. A task could be to "call a client" or “create a follow-up letter." With just a few clicks, users can quickly and easily assign tasks to themselves and other team members .

More credit repair client management tools

  • professional repair softwareAttachments

    Upload attachments under the contact such as contracts, credit reports, dispute letters, and more.

  • start a credit repair businessNotes

    Maintain notes on each customer and lead for all users to view.

  • credit repairCentral View

    Your entire company will have a 360-degree view of each of your customers and leads.

  • Joint Account DisputesJoint Customers

    Link customer records together for husband and wife. This allows you to easily toggle back and forth.

  • credit repair software for businessesActivity History

    Audit trail so you can track exactly what has been done on a customer and by who.

  • free credit dispute lettersSecurity

    Have full security over who has access to what info with the roles and permissions system.


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