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Credit Business IN-A-BOX

Everything needed to start, run, and manage a successful credit repair business.

starting a credit repair business

This is not credit repair for dummies

I'm sure you've seen things like: “Credit Repair for Dummies” or “Start a Credit Repair Company” for only $1997 $999. You've seen ads offering How-To's and e-books on this business for $99 or even as low as $29. But, do you really need any more junk cluttering your hard drive or bookcases? The internet is filled with such courses. As a matter of fact, we have bought just about every one, just to see if any of them even remotely comes close to giving you the information that you need to succeed in the credit repair business. And none of them do. That is why we have put together this extensive course.

The most comprehensive training course available

When we say “comprehensive” we really mean comprehensive. We understand $1,997 $999 is a large investment and that if you spend that much it better be well worth it. That is why we jammed it pack full of premium information (some would say we over packed it). But, it just didn’t feel right providing anything less.

Here what’s included in the business in the box section by section:

How to start a credit repair business

Tactical Guide to Credit Repair & Disputing

  • Dispute assignment guide & chart telling you what letters to use for each type of derogatory item. How dispute a charge-off or bankruptcy? We will instruct you exactly how.
  • In depth, step-by-step explanations for each dispute strategy. Unlike other training that just provides letters, our training teach you strategies and tactics.
  • How to respond to stall letters, verifications, games, and other ploys the CRAs, creditors, and collection agencies pull.
  • Never before seen tactics for stopping collection agencies in their tracks.
  • Tactics for removing late payments, bankruptcies, repossessions, charge-offs, tax liens, foreclosures, mortgage lates, and more.
  • 100% legal, moral, and ethical methods.
Credit Repair Business Tricks

Credit Report Guide

  • Take the mystery out of credit reports with our in-depth guide to reading credit reports
  • How to decipher credit, acronyms, report codes, and jargon
  • The hidden credit bureau addresses they don’t tell anyone about
  • Full explanation of every reason code and what you can do about it
  • Understanding dispute codes and their flaws
  • Detailed video on how to dissect a credit repair and identify items for dispute.
How to start a credit repair Company

Business Reference Manual

  • Sample credit repair agreements and contracts
  • Employee Training materials and workbooks
  • Company polices & documentation (complete sample employee handbook)
  • Customer service guides, checklists, Forms, and more
  • Human Resource materials for hiring, firing, and managing
  • Start-up guide including worksheets, checklists, and How-To’s, (such as how to price)
Starting a credit repair business

Credit Repair Technical Reference Manual

  • Each credit repair law/act is highlighted and explained in plain English. Not just the commonly know laws like the FCRA and FACTA (rookie stuff). Do you know how to use the SSCRA? We will teach you!
  • Review of the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) and what you must know
  • Case Law library with explanation of how to use case law in your dispute letters and win every time
  • FTC opinion letters and how to cite them in your letters
  • Become an expert: extensive research and studies on what really goes on at the CRAs, including a captivating testimony to congress.
Credit Repair Business Startup Glossary


  • The most comprehensive glossary available on credit reports, credit repair, and financial terms and definitions.
  • Over 1,110 terms with easy to understand definitions.
  • Never run into a situation again where you don’t understand a word or acronym.
Understanding E-0scar

Inside E-Oscar

  • A never before seen look at the system credit bureaus and furnishers use to communicate
  • How the credit reporting agencies and data furnishers use e-Oscar and how it effects credit repair
  • How to spot credit reporting violations caused by the system
  • Insider e-Oscar help files and training material
Credit Repair Business Training

Audio and Video

  • Over 20+ hours of audio and video
  • Interviews with industry experts such as Ron Quintero, Edward Jamison, Andrew Canole, and more.
  • New videos and interviews are constantly being added to the library
  • Extensive “how-to” videos on credit repair, marketing, sales, business development, and more.
  • Videos are simple to understand and break the material down into “easy to learn” chunks
credit repair letters and emails

Email Pack

  • Over 100 pre-written email templates for your clients, affiliates, and more
  • Every email needed for clients including welcome emails, case updates, FAQ, and more.
  • Emails for affiliates such as mortgage brokers, realtors, etc.
  • Monthly newsletter emails
  • Emails will appear as if you actually took the time to type the email out
Credit Repair Business Laws

State-By-State Credit Repair Laws

  • Are you operating in compliance for your state? Besides the federal CROA, each state has laws credit repair businesses must follow.
  • A comprehensive list of each states credit repair organization (CRO) laws and requirements
  • State-by-state list of Statue of Limitations (SOL) Note: Tactical guide includes SOL dispute tactics.
  • Pertinent case law for each state
Credit Repair Business Marketing


  • Where to find new business, including secret sources none of your competitors use.
  • A complete guide on Seminar marketing and how to use seminars to produce a ton of leads.
  • Sample marketing materials including brochures, flyers, PowerPoint’s and more.
  • Over 2,000 royalty-free graphics, web design templates, and art work
  • How to use low-cost guerilla marketing to generate leads. Marketing can be affordable and fun! We will show you how.
Credit Repair Business Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

  • Secrets to how to capture FREE leads on your web site
  • How to get started with Pay-Per Click, SEO, and Adwords
  • How to use blogs, forums, and podcasts to generate traffic
  • 4 different books that are completely re-brandable. Just put your own name on and instantly become the author. Offering an ebook generates tons of great leads.
  • Over 6 hours of video tutorials and how-to’s
  • How to use social networking to market your business on Facebook, MySpace, and more.
credit repair sales


  • Proven sales strategies to that get you the sale every time
  • How to sell credit repair to anyone
  • How to sell your credit repair services to affiliates and create a never ending referral sources
  • Sales scripts for inbound and outbound sales
  • Sample sales advertisements.

Complete Credit Repair Business In-A-BOX 

Lifetime Membership Plus Bonus Package

Price: $1997.00                                                           Retirement Price as low as: $1098 - The Biz Box is being retired!   Sale ends 12/31/12 forever!  EXTENDED TO 1/21/13

YES Mike!!! I want to become a Credit Repair Business IN-A-BOX Member and exclusive bonus package right NOW!  I can't wait to start building my own credit repair business!...

  • I understand that once my order is authorized you will process my credit card and provide me with instant access to the training materials via my private Member's Area.
  • I understand I will learn exact credit repair and marketing tactics and marketing materials that you have used yourself personally to produce massive amounts of wealth, and that I have not received any income promises as my income is dependent on my own efforts and that of my business.

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                 The Ultimate Credit Repair Business Success Manual

 If you want the best information and marketing tools to be successful in the credit repair business, this

 is what you need to invest in. This is the only resource that combines advanced industry knowledge and

 marketing in one to create a total business training package. From advanced credit repair deletion

 tactics to sniper marketing strategies, the biz box has the answers you need to succeed, and an

 UNBELIEVABLE NO SMALL PRINT Guarantee to go along with it.


Check out what some of the other successful people who use the biz box have to say about it:

Instant Online Access - Constant Updates


When we shipped the first copy of the biz box, the customer immediately called us and said “This is over 5,500 pages!” Boosting in our glory we said, “yeah, isn’t it great!” Impressed but still concerned, the customer expressed their concern with how “green” printing everything was. After all the biz box is over 5,500 pages, so that’s a lot of dead trees. We agreed.

Since than we have eliminated the printing of the business box and put everything online. Not only has this allowed us to go "green”, it has allowed us reduce the price from $2,595 to $1,995 (saving over $600 in printing and packaging costs).

Everything and MORE from the business in-a-box is included in an easy to use online training center. However, you can still print the topics you are interested in. We are also constantly updating and adding more materials. The material will NEVER get stale. For example, in August we added over 200 pages of new information, something you cannot do with print and ship products. The one-time purchase fee provides a life-time membership. No monthly or recurring fees.



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