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credit repair boot camp

4 Day Credit Repair Training Boot Camp

Industry experts collaborate to share their closely guarded methods, tricks, and tactics at the Credit Repair Boot Camp! If you currently run a credit repair business or are thinking about getting into it, the information taught at the Boot Camp conference will be of vital importance to you. Learn about credit repair tactics, marketing, business development, sales, leadership, and more.

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Credit Repair Business Contract Bundle

Credit Repair Business Contract Bundle

The FTC has strict enforcement rules as governed under the Credit Repair Organizations Act (Hyperlink to FTC CROA). In order to be compliant you must have a contract in place that has all elements as described in the CROA as well as the required attachments and rescission notices.
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A Quick Test To See How Much You REALLY Know About Your Credit Repair Business

Take This Quick Test & See How Much You REALLY Know About Your Credit Repair Business

Nobody needs to tell you that being in the Credit Repair Business is both challenging and rewarding. You can get started by studying the basics and you might get some success with clients.But are you limited or even endangered by what you don’t know? Take a few minutes and check your in-depth knowledge of Credit Repair Tactics, Techniques, Pitfalls and Marketing tools.
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