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Manage and Track all your Customers’ Credit Reports

Eliminate paperwork with our 3-in-1 credit report system. Maintain up-to-date credit reports for all of your customers. Input derogatory tradelines, collection accounts, public records and inquiries. Mark items as deleted, repaired or in dispute. Reports are color coded and easy to read.

3-in-1 credit report system

credit repair software - credit report

Keeping track of customers’ credit reports can be a nightmare. Add to that the constant updates and paperwork can become unmanageable. Papers and documents everywhere! Eliminate scattered paperwork by centralizing all your customers’ credit reports and dispute letters in one place. DisputeSuite uses a 3-in-1, sometimes called a tri-merge, credit report system to store your customer’s negative credit history as reported by all three credit bureaus. Once you add a customer’s credit report, you will be able to generate dispute letters directly from the credit report!

tri-merge credit report

Input is fast and easy

The credit report system is included with all editions of DisputeSuite. This feature is not just a simple account name and number. It is a full credit reporting system with every field found in an actual credit report.

Credit report items are categorized by type, including derogatory accounts, personal information such as incorrect names, social security numbers and addresses, collections, public records and inquiries. Inputting credit report information is fast and efficient.

Generate dispute letters from the reports

With DisputeSuite you will never have to type in your customer’s information into dispute letters. “Point-and-click” dispute letter creation allows you to generate customized dispute letters by selecting the items you want to dispute directly from the customer's credit reports.

Since it's “point and click” you can't make input errors. The items you select will automatically insert into the dispute letter templates you select.

Dispute tracking and progress in the credit report

credit repair progress

Within the customer’s credit report, each credit report item is color-coded making it easy to identify which items have been repaired, deleted, or are still negative. That way you can easily identify what has been repaired and deleted and what still needs to be disputed. Under each credit report item there is a full dispute history. You can see an itemized list of when the item was disputed, who it was disputed with, and the results of the dispute, right in the credit report! You can even print preview every dispute letter used.

More features

  • credit repair status of limitationsStatute of limitations (SOL) clock

    The statue of limitations clock automatically calculates the time that has elapsed since the account was last active.

  • free credit repair lettersEliminate scattered papers

    Eliminate scattered papers and updates by centralizing all credit reports.

  • credit repairSafe and Secure

    Credit reports are stored in 128-bit financial-grade encryption, keeping customer data safe and secu

  • professional credit repair softwareReal-time dashboard

    Real-time dashboard of customers' credit repair progress allows you to quickly gauge dispute success and repair/deletion ratios.


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