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Common Questions
Is there a per client fee?

We do not charge per client fees - Input as many clients and affiliates in the system at NO additional costs

Can we outsource the dispute process to DisputeSuite? 
When using DisputeSuite you can outsource directly to us to handle the "back end" dispute process, or you can choose from one of the many outsource providers that use our software. If you choose to outsource your disputes, you can choose from a number of different vendors. Having that flexibility allows you to switch vendors easily if a problem or conflict occurs, having this flexibility is vital to the success of your business.

By outsourcing the Dispute Process you can focus on working "on" your business instead of "in" your business. At nominal costs, outsourcing can provide you the freedom to manage expenses and focus on the growth of your business.

What type of security does DisputeSuite have?

We maintain the highest level of security that money can buy! We use the same encryption and security technology that online banking and government websites use. Additionally we have redundancy protection for backups of your data- our systems and data are all housed in bio-metric secure storage facilities with 24 hour armed guards in 3 different locations across the U.S.

Do you outsource your software programming?

NO! Our team of engineers are the some of the smartest minds in their field, some of their prior experience include working for the NSA (National Security Agency) and for advanced robotics firms. We utilize state of the art technology to deliver the best solution to our clients. All of our programming staff are located in Florida, and work exclusively for DisputeSuite.

Can we auto draft client payment checks?

We provide additional software to you at NO cost to manage your clients auto draft/demand check drafting.

Will you market to my clients?

Absolutely NOT!! We are a software and education provider, your data is safe and secure and is only accessed by you.

Do you have E-Signatures?

Yes, when your clients login to their secure private labeled portal you can enable a contract section that empowers them with the ability to E-Sign your documents.

Can we speak to some of your clients first?

YES! We maintain 100% transparency, we are happy to give you contact info of some of our clients, or you can click here to see 100's of people raving about us. Notice each of the testimonials has full name and info on the individuals. Feel free to reach out to any of them to get a direct opinion!

Do you provide or offer credit repair training?

We have several training options available. Business and credit repair training is available through our weekly webinars at no cost Click here to register. We also have the most robust credit repair training course available here: Click here, and we host the industry conference "The Credit Boot Camp" which is the industry's first live credit repair training conference.

Is your credit repair software fast?

Our software is used by more credit repair companies than any other software on the planet. We have clients spanning across 4 continents, in every state in the US, Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Our software is the software of choice for professionals. Professional in this industry choose DisputeSuite for a reason!- Our technology empowers you with the ability to rapidly create CUSTOM dispute letters for EVERY client without affecting profitability or QUALITY.



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